Real Digital Media Releases Enhanced NEOCAST® Media Server

NEOCAST Media Server 2.0 Enhancements Bolster Leadership Position as the Most Precise and Flexible Centralized Platform for Establishing Digital Signage Networks

Sarasota, FL - March 6, 2006

Real Digital Media (RDM), a leading provider of next generation digital signage technology products and integrated services for establishing point of purchase marketing, promotions and corporate communication networks, today announced a significant upgrade to its NEOCAST® Media Server software. The enhancements build upon the economical and scalable store and forward design of the NEOCAST® solution, while improving the user interface, workflows, network management and campaign distribution functions, as well as player-to-server communication.

The NEOCAST® Media Server 2.0 introduces over 50 new enhancements and features, and continues to incorporate the key constructs of campaigns, markets, schedules and collaboration to enable the efficient and precise distribution of content to NEOCAST Media Players. Developed with input from active Real Digital Media customers, these enhancements ensure that present and future versions of NEOCAST® will stay at the forefront of customers’ digital signage requirements.

“With the market rapidly embracing the benefits of digital signage, and a growing interest in narrowcasting by advertisers, we are excited to announce the 2.0 release of our NEOCAST Media Server software to the marketplace,” said Ken Goldberg, CEO of Real Digital Media. “With the enhanced capabilities, customers will continue to enjoy the market leading digital signage features NEOCAST offers, plus have the needed assurance the solution will continue to evolve as new digital signage standards and demands emerge.”

The NEOCAST® Media Server 2.0 enhances the already robust player-to-server interaction by improving network visibility and campaign distribution features and functions. Specific NEOCAST® Media Server 2.0 product enhancements include:

  • Real-time, 24×7 visibility of network and media player status to determine overall network health
  • Real-time, 24×7 visibility of campaign summaries to determine overall time consumption and availability across network
  • Remote management of RS-232-enabled display functions, including display power and volume control
  • Time zone feature for improved coordination between media players and the media server when determining optimal download hours for content and playlist instructions
  • Improved data validation functions to ensure proper coding of media content
  • Improved screen layout options allows for a variety of skin designs to be implemented simultaneously across a network
  • Improved feed assignment allows for a variety of RSS feeds to be activated simultaneously across a network
  • Improved personalization engine allows authorized managers to control individual players for customized messaging
  • Improved workflow engine ensures content and campaigns meet standards for distribution across network
  • Enhanced security features further insulate digital signage networks powered by NEOCAST from inappropriate use

The features and benefits from the NEOCAST Media Server 2.0 enhancements are currently available.

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Real Digital Media (RDM) provides next generation digital signage products and integrated services for establishing point-of-purchase marketing, advertising and corporate communication networks.

Our family of NEOCAST® digital signage products store, deliver and play content in a wide range of digital formats on a variety of display devices. With NEOCAST® players and software, your customized content and programming can scale across entire narrowcast networks down to individual displays, providing ultimate flexibility in reaching customers with your targeted messaging at the right place, at the right time. For more information, please visit us at


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