Our Capabilities

Start with Streamlined Delivery

NEOCAST® is a cloud-based platform that offers a suite of tools for device management, content management, scheduling, distribution and administration.

We make it easy to launch, grow and manage digital signage networks.

  • Establish your network on a reliable, cloud based architecture
  • Receive software updates seamlessly
  • Streamline the operations of your network

Build Better Digital Signage

Select from a family of certified media players designed to meet the current and future needs of the digital signage market. Commercial grade and purpose built, we have single, dual and quad channel hardware configurations available to meet your network objectives.

  • Build a digital signage network around reliable and future-proofed hardware
  • Powered by NEOCAST®

Incorporate Self-Service and Interactivity

Select from a family of commercial tablets that combine powerful performance with a slim form factor to deliver interactive digital experiences. Designed for continuous commercial use, the tablets use AC-DC power or Power over Ethernet (PoE), eliminating the need for battery power.

Select from 11.6”, 15.6”, 18.5”, 21.5”, 32”, 43” and 55” displays.

  • Deploy transactional and informational self-service kiosks
  • Create sleek visual and interactive experiences
  • Embed within fixtures, and incorporate scanners, card readers and other peripherals
  • All-in-one device
  • Powered by NEOCAST®

Heighten Promotional Efforts

Select from a family of shelf edge displays that deliver powerful, in-aisle shopping experiences with eye-catching clarity. Sizes include 23” and 47” displays.

  • Deliver in-aisle shopping experiences
  • Promote products and provide pricing at the point of purchase
  • Embed within fixtures to create unique customer experiences across environments
  • All-in-one device
  • Powered by NEOCAST®

Gain Shopper Insights

Integrate with sensor technology designed to capture insights and gain intelligence to help you better understand customer behavior and patterns across stores and locations.

  • Gain insights and make data-driven decisions
  • Inform your content strategies
  • Track physical assets
  • Measure foot traffic

Create Enhanced Experiences

Incorporate a variety of display sizes and configurations to create unique visual experiences. Power large format, header, end cap, video walls, as well as freezer and cooler display technology with NEOCAST®.

  • Create unique visual experiences for your customers by incorporating compelling display configurations in your environment
  • Integrate signage with point of purchase displays, merchandisers, end caps or vending solutions
  • Power your signage with NEOCAST®

Optimize Network Operations

Install a caching solution to optimize digital signage experiences by guaranteeing reliable and timely delivery of content to your media players, tablets and shelf edge displays.

  • Maximize your bandwidth consumption
  • Optimize content delivery when multiple devices are installed at a single location

Standardize on a Single Platform for your In-Store Digital Experiences

Our Capabilities