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Digital Signage

Retail chains are the ideal environment for networked digital signage solutions. Geographically distributed with multiple departments, corporate marketing managers can benefit greatly from the precision and flexibility offered by digital signage within their stores. Centrally managed, networked digital signage reduces the dependence on in-store employees to execute point-of-purchase marketing programs, while allowing marketers to target specific areas within the store to send tailored messages to shoppers browsing products on the shelves.

Combined with shopper data insights gathered from the curb to the front entrance and through the aisles to checkout, today’s retailer can create an in-store digital experience that is personalized, builds relationships and provides surprise and delight that goes beyond the transaction.

From digital signage to kiosks and sensor technology to capture traffic patterns and shopping behaviors, our customer engagement solutions offer retailers a way to meet the increasing in-store demands of today’s modern consumer.

Hero Freestanding Kiosk

Make a statement with a large format, freestanding display designed to establish a physical presence and deliver bold digital experiences to your shoppers.

Available in single or double sided, as well as touch or non-touch, our Hero freestanding kiosk combines a commercial-grade display housed within a slim form factor stand. The solution can help marketers in retail locations deliver bold statements and promotions to shoppers in high traffic or open areas such as store and department entrances, and mall concourses. The kiosk is equipped with an enterprise digital signage platform to support content scheduling and device management.

Use Cases

  • Deliver In-Store Promotions
  • Promote Stores and Vendor Products
  • Showcase Store Employees
  • Enhance the Shopper Experience
  • Incorporate Wayfinding
Make a Statement

Walkbase Analytics

Make data-driven decisions to ensure the best in-store sales performance and loyalty using Walkbase Analytics. Through our sister company, Walkbase, we help retailers gather precise store-by-store metrics to understand shopper patterns, gain insights and adjust marketing programs accordingly.

Combined with Walkbase Audience Intelligence, we enable a deeper shopper understanding and help create personalized shopper experiences that tie directly into your visual merchandising campaigns across your digital signage network.

Follow the Footsteps

Walkbase IntelliCount

Retailers are faced with new requirements to measure the number of customers in-store to remain compliant under COVID-19 restrictions on total occupancy. To achieve this, retailers need the tools to have real time and accurate understanding of the number of customers inside the store.

Our solution allows retailers to measure the number of customers inside their store in real time. High accuracy, 3D sensors are installed at the store entrances and exits to ensure a precise occupancy number. Our solution delivers higher accuracy and data reliability and saves cost over time compared to manual door counting.

PrimaseeTM Freezer Cooler Signage

Getting customers to open cooler and freezer doors is the key to moving the product inside. Studies have shown that video content drives shopper response.

Available in translucent or traditional display, PrimaseeTM is ideal for brands, grocery and convenience store locations looking to showcase frozen or chilled products using high-definition, full-motion video on displays embedded within freezer or cooler doors, all using patented technology.

Attract, inform and influence with PrimaseeTM.

Open the Door

Window Facing Displays

Static window signs are becoming a thing of the past. Eliminate waste and compliance issues, and use high brightness digital displays to attract shoppers from the parking lot or forecourt.

Unlock the potential of advertising revenue while promoting high margin, high demand items inside your store, and connect with your customers before they get to your door.

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