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Retail Digital Signage

Enhance In-Store Experience and Visual Merchandising

Enhance Your In-Store Experience

Create an Immersive Digital Environment to upsell, cross sell and drive promotions to your shopping customers

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Retail Digital Signage Solutions

Retail chains are the ideal environment for networked digital signage solutions. Geographically distributed with multiple departments, corporate marketing officers can benefit greatly from the precision and flexibility offered by digital signage at their stores. Centrally managed, networked digital signage reduces the dependence on in-store employees to execute point-of-purchase marketing programs, while allowing marketers to target specific areas within the store to send tailored messages to shoppers browsing products on the shelves.

Real Digital Media’s NEOCAST® provides the most scalable end-to-end digital signage platform for retailers on the market. The NEOCAST® platform provides total visibility into the health and performance of any sized network, allowing marketers to manage the physical displays as well as the content and campaigns scheduled for targeted distribution.

  • Create sales uplift
  • Offer promotions
  • Create upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Engage customers at the the point of decision