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Core Solutions

Whether your deploying a digital signage network, self-service applications or creating immersive retail experiences, we offer a suite of software and hardware solutions purpose-built to help organizations and institutions like yours realize your vision. Based on our NEOCAST platform, we provide a scalable and robust foundation to help you achieve your on-premise marketing objectives.

  • Digital Signage

    Deploy a network of displays to deliver content designed to increase brand awareness, drive promotions and create sales lift at the point of purchase. Our NEOCAST digital signage platform supports a variety of purpose built devices and displays to meet your application, content and business objectives.

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  • Self-Service Kiosks

    Build and deploy your self-service applications using our all-in-one LINQ tablets. With multiple sizes available, our commercial-grade tablets are durable and designed to withstand continuous use. Deploy transactional and information applications, such as ordering, wayfinding, endless aisle and assisted selling.

  • Visual Merchandising

    Enhance the in-store customer experience by integrating our speciality display technology into your end cap, aisle shelving or retail fixtures to highlight product, price and promotions. We are a single source for your visual merchandising technology needs.

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Display Solutions

While supporting all major commercial display manufacturers, we also provide specialty display solutions designed to meet a variety of unique visual communication demands. Get creative and incorporate these displays into your visual merchandising and communication strategies. All display solutions are powered by NEOCAST.

  • Freezer or Cooler Door

    Showcase high-definition, full-motion video embedded within a freezer or cooler door’s glass panel. Highlight your brand and products, and offer a compelling and differentiated way to connect and motivate customers within reach of your product.

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  • Fuel Pump Toppers

    A small increase of in-store visits from fuel customers can mean big increases in sales and margins. Bright, readable displays deliver relevant and timely information and messages to your customers while at the pump, giving them reasons to step inside.

    Our pump toppers make an impression those 5” screens within the pump just can not match. Custom colors and use of your logo are available to extend your brand and drive impressions at the pump.

  • Header Displays

    Incorporate header displays into your visual merchandising efforts such as end caps, grab-n-go display cases and gondola shelving. Make high impact statements that attract visitor attention and augment branding efforts.

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  • Hero Kiosk

    Stand out among the crowd with our freestanding, large format kiosk. Available in single and dual-sided enclosures, the Hero Kiosk combines 55″ commercial-grade displays housed within a slim form factor stand. Make a bold statement and deliver key messages to visitors in high traffic or open areas such as lobbies, entryways and transportation hubs.

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  • LINQ Shelf Edge

    Leverage our all-in-one shelf edge displays with built-in playback device to deliver eye catching in-aisle and end-cap retail experiences. Featuring full HD or 4K resolution, our shelf edge displays are ideal to drive up-to-date pricing for items on the shelves, create integrated marketing experiences or augment your visual merchandising efforts.

    LINQ shelf edge display are designed for continuous use in high traffic environments and are available in Capacitive Touch and Non-Touch in three sizes: 23.1″, 37.1″ and 47.1″

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  • LINQ Tablets

    Leverage our all-in-one commercial tablets with built-in playback device to power your self-service, assisted selling and visual merchandising programs. Powered by NEOCAST, our tablets include a camera and support a variety of peripheral accessories to help expand your solution options and incorporate functionality such as payment processing, barcode scanning and printing.

    LINQ tablets are designed for continuous use in high traffic environments and are available in Capacitive Touch and Non-Touch at a variety of sizes: 11.6″, 15.6″, 18.5″ 21.5″, 32″, 43″ and 55″

  • Window Facing Displays

    Static window signs are becoming a thing of the past. Eliminate waste and compliance issues, and use high brightness digital displays to attract shoppers from the parking lot or forecourt.

    Unlock the potential of advertising revenue while promoting high margin, high demand items inside your store, and connect with your customers before they walk through your door.


Our platform can be used to solve a variety of challenges. Below are just a few of the applications we can power to drive information and promote engagement with your guests.

  • Breakroom Signs

    Deliver communications to your employees where they congregate to relax, get refreshments or socialize with coworkers.

  • Bulletin Boards

    Organize and share the latest announcements and workforce guidance messages to keep your employees, staff or team informed about the activities and ongoings within the workplace.

  • Digital Billboards

    Power your roadside digital billboards, bus stop signage and other large format outdoor displays with NEOCAST. Use our platform to amplify your message and schedule your out-of-home advertising by the hour, day, week or trigger event. Our platform provides a variety of flexible options to help meet your out-of-home campaigns.

  • Endless Aisle

    Enable your in-store customers to virtually browse or order products that are either not sold in-store or currently out of stock. Improve the customer experience and create sales lift opportunities through an endless aisle application.

  • Key Metrics Signs

    Showcase manufacturing, production, sales and KPI metrics to keep employees informed on their performance and progress towards mission critical business objectives.

  • Lobby Signs

    Incorporate eye catching visuals and on-brand messaging to showcase your company, products, giving programs or identity in a prominent location and memorable way.

  • Meeting Room Signs

    Transform your meeting spaces by displaying schedules, occupancies and vacancies throughout your shared workspace. Integrate with calendars and other human resource systems to streamline employee meetings and room bookings.

  • Menu Boards

    Improve operational efficiencies, increase up-sell opportunities and offer convenience and personalized experiences to your guests. Integrate with your point of sale system to drive up to date price and items, and manage entire chains or a single location from a central location.

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  • Pricing Automation

    Enhance your responsiveness and improve price compliance by incorporating our digital shelf edge solutions to automate price display in-aisle. Our all-in-one LINQ shelf edge displays with built-in playback device are designed for continuous use in high traffic environments, integrate with POS pricing information and augment the customer shopping experience.

    Eliminate the manual processes and paper tags, reduce pricing errors and improve customer satisfaction while leveraging the shelf edge displays to deliver better targeted and more effective promotions at the point-of-decision.

  • Waiting Room Signs

    Entertain and inform guests about procedures and best practices, reduce the perceived waiting times, and showcase practitioner and staff bios to improve the waiting room experience.

  • Wayfinding

    Guide visitors throughout your offices, malls, facilities and other physical environments by incorporating interactive Building Directory and Wayfinding applications using our interactive and specialty displays.

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