NEOCAST® Media Players

NEOCAST® offers a family of certified media players designed to meet the current and future needs of the digital signage market. Preloaded with our NEOCAST® media player software, our devices are dedicated to ensure a streamlined, out of the box experience.

Essential to the operation of our NEOCAST® digital signage platform, our digital signage media players deliver seamless video and audio playback, support multi-zone configurations, provide network health and performance data, and support broadband, wireless and cellular networking options.

No software to install. Just connect to a display and power up. Multiple options are available to meet the various content demands of your network.
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You have options.

Digital Signage Media Players
Digital Signage Integrated Devices

Stand Alone Devices

Select from multiple options. Our devices support single, dual and multi-channel configurations. This provides our customers with the flexibility to meet any number of content requirements.

  • Single, Dual and Multi-Channel Options
  • Supports Wired and Wireless
  • Fanless Option
  • HDD or Solid State Option
  • Landscape & Portrait Modes
  • Remote Device Management
  • Tested & Certified

All In One Devices

Commercial grade, integrated units that come in display sizes that range from 7″ to 50″. Install at the shelf edge, end cap or counter top. Customize the bezel to support your brand and own the experience.

  • Integrated Display
  • Supports Wired and Wireless
  • Fanless
  • Landscape & Portrait Modes
  • Remote Device Management
  • Tested & Certified
  • Customizable Bezel for Branding

We’ll help you decide.

Selecting a media player largely depends on number of criteria, including content strategy and environmental conditions. Below are a few of the questions we would ask to target the right hardware configuration for your digital signage networks.

What are the scheduling objectives and characteristics of your content strategy?
Will your content be looped or streamed?
What is the average loop length for your scheduled content?
Will you be employing day parting?
Do you require insertion of local content?
How often will you update your content?
Are you employing a full screen or multi-zone strategy?
Is your content high definition (HD) or standard definition?
Will you require audio, muted or mixed?
Is the network ad supported or branded/sponsored?
Will you require integration with internal and external systems?
What file formats will you require to support?
What is your digital signage use case?
What is the primary objective of the network?
Will you be deploying single display or multi-display presentations?
Will you want to use the On-Demand capabilities of NEOCAST®?
How much content will be stored on the device?
What are the target display inputs?
Where will your displays be installed?
Where and how will your players be deployed?
Is there a wired (Ethernet) or wireless (WiFi/other) requirement?
Are environmental contaminants such as dust and grease in play?
Will the players be racked or attached to displays?
Will your players be indoor or outdoor?
Is your environment ventilated and/or air conditioned space?
How will you optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO)?
Is this a new deployment or player replacement upgrade?
What player capabilities are of most importance to you?
Is length of warranty a decision driver?
Have you considered or would you like to consider leasing?
Where will you be tomorrow?
Where do mobile technologies fit into your vision?
Will Bluetooth or NFC be important to your venues or strategy?
Do you foresee the need to integrate other applications, such as AVA, on the media player?
Will streaming be a part of your strategy in the future?
How do you expect your content to evolve over time?