NEOCAST® Media Players

NEOCAST® offers a family of certified media players designed to meet the current and future needs of the digital signage market. Preloaded with our NEOCAST® media player software, our devices are dedicated to ensure a streamlined, out of the box experience.

Essential to the operation of our NEOCAST® digital signage platform, our digital signage media players deliver seamless video and audio playback, support multi-zone configurations, provide network health and performance data, and support broadband, wireless and cellular networking options.

No software to install. Just connect to a display and power up. Multiple options are available to meet the various content demands of your network.
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Our entry-level digital media player that delivers stability and reliability in an ultra-compact design. With an anodized aluminum housing and fanless design, the Z8350 easily fits into any digital signage location while staying protected from environmental conditions that could impact performance.


Our performance-based media player that supports the multi-zone playback of video, audio and HTML5 content for any content strategy. With an anodized aluminum housing and fanless design, the N3160 is an ideal choice for solutions requiring high performance under any conditions.


Our dual 4k UHD output media player that delivers enterprise performance for the multi-zone playback of video, audio and HTML5 application content. The V1202 is an ideal choice for customers looking to reduce the number of required devices without sacrificing performance.

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Real Digital Media can help you sort out which hardware configuration would work best for your digital signage application. Ask us about all our options, including dual and quad channel hardware configurations. We’ll help you find the right solution for your needs.

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