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Customer engagement solutions for banking, insurance and investment firms.

Drive effective and relevant marketing messages to a receptive audience while visiting in-branch.

Digital Signage

Global financial institutions are turning to digital signage as a communications and marketing platform. The spread of mobile and online banking has placed a premium on client engagement at bank branches and on-premise visits and consultations. Financial institutions are understanding these are critical moments to strengthen client relationships. Financial digital signage plays a critical role in this effort.

Driving your financial digital signage with NEOCAST® can help by allowing branches to customize informational and marketing messages tailored to your valued clients.

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Hero Freestanding Kiosk

Make a statement with a large format, freestanding display designed to establish a physical presence and deliver bold digital experiences to your clients.

Available in single or double sided, as well as touch or non-touch, our Hero freestanding kiosk combines a commercial-grade display housed within a slim form factor stand. The solution can help marketers in retail banking locations deliver promotions and product information to visitors in high traffic or open areas such as lobbies, entryways and waiting areas. The kiosk is equipped with an enterprise digital signage platform to support content scheduling and device management.

Use Cases

  • Increase Awareness of Financial Products
  • Promote Rates and Reward Programs
  • Showcase In-Branch Employees
  • Decrease Perceived Dwell Time
  • Present Stock, Weather and News Information
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Benefits of Digital Signage for Financial Institutions

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