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Virtual Classroom

Transform the online educational experience by incorporating the dynamism of the traditional classroom through the creation of a studio environment. Through our sister company, X2O Media, universities can now expand the size of their classroom by digitally transporting live instruction while also allowing those students in virtual attendance to interact with the lesson or presentation along with their on-site peers.

Supports up to 128 distance learning participants in an amphitheater-style seating of a university classroom. All remote students have their own perspective camera and speaker which allows them to speak directly to in-room faculty and their peers.

Go the Distance

Huddle Rooms

Move beyond traditional lecture and teaching practices and drive captivating and collaborative solutions for meetings, lectures, brainstorming and shared learning exercises through huddle rooms and unified communication solutions. Through our sister company, Optika Display, you can employ ultra large format interactive touch wall technology for collaboration, allowing teams to visualize and interact with complex data, documents, images and videos in real-time.

Huddle Up

Content Acceleration

For streaming-intensive and data-driven applications deployed across campus networks, employing a caching system helps accelerate data delivery, while ensuring network access is securely managed and those data sources are available.

Our sister company, SuperLumin, offers a robust caching software for optimizing the delivery of multimedia content, enhances network performance, secures your network and improves the end-user experience without expensive network build-out costs.


Digital Signage

Colleges and universities are ideal environments for networked campus digital signage solutions aimed to deliver time sensitive and relevant information to today’s student body that is always connected and primed to respond to digital communications. Whether you’re a private or public school, university, college or vocational institute, engaging your students, faculty, administrative staff and visitors with timely, relevant messaging is a key element to promoting student engagement and a safe campus environment.

Our NEOCAST® digital signage platform can help you meet your objectives and serve as the foundation of your campus-wide communication strategy.

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