Higher Education and Campus Digital Signage

Educate and Inform Students, Faculty and Visitors

Integrated Campus Communications

Create an Immersive Digital Environment across your Higher Education Campus

Power your Campus Communication, Emergency Messaging, Meeting Room Scheduler, Donor Walls, Wayfinding, Video Conferencing and Multi-Touch Collaboration programs with a single platform.

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Education Digital Signage Solutions

Colleges and Universities are ideal environments for networked campus digital signage solutions aimed to deliver time sensitive and relevant information to today’s student body that is always connected and primed to respond to digital communications.  

Whether you’re a private or public school, university, college or vocational institute, engaging your students, faculty, administrative staff and visitors with timely, relevant messaging is a key element to promoting student engagement and a safe campus environment.

  • Centrally control messaging while allowing students, staff, and departments to easily contribute to your network messaging efforts

  • Ensure emergency alerts are reaching everyone on campus

  • Keep information accurate with schedule changes, campus news, special activities and alerts

  • Entertain while informing with live news feeds, weather reports and sports updates

  • Easily create school-branded messaging promoting pride and campus life

Deliver Effective Digital Signage Solutions for your Campus with NEOCAST®

Many higher education institutions are turning to digital signage as a communications platform. With an audience raised on digital communications, digital signage is an ideal way to engage today’s and future generations of students. From wayfinding to digital menu boards and message boards to meeting room signage, digital signage offers a way to establish an integrated campus-side communication platform that ensures important messages reach students, faculty and staff in a timely manner.

Engage and Inform Your Students

NEOCAST® is an enterprise-class digital signage platform that can help higher education institutions and their campuses drive tailored messaging and branded experiences to students, faculty, staff and visitors.

  • Deploy networked displays indoor and outdoor across campus. Tailor messaging within departments, student unions, facilities and administrative offices to create an immersive digital environment

  • Supplement lectures by distributing educational programs within the classroom using our On-Demand feature

  • Provide real-time information and alerts to students and faculty across campus

  • Showcase student and faculty achievements as well as promote donor contributions

  • Enhance school pride and spirit by highlighting athletic victories

Benefits of Campus Digital Signage

College, University, Technical and Vocational

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Choose NEOCAST® for Your Education Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Software

NEOCAST® is an enterprise digital signage platform that allows you to manage communications across your entire campus. Schedule news and announcements, promote athletic events, rally student pride, welcome guests and visitors, and display social media feeds to keep everyone connected.

The NEOCAST® platform is flexible and easy to use, allowing network operators to empower students, staff, and departments to contribute to a campus-wide digital signage network. Ensure that time-sensitive information such as emergency messaging, class and scheduling changes and even live news updates are reaching your target audience. Extend your strategy into community spaces with infotainment content or integrate with your point of sale to drive digital menu boards in the student union.

  • Manage multiple displays and devices from a central location

  • Quickly and easily schedule and distribute content to remote displays

  • Display emergency alerts across campus

  • Inform and engage students, faculty and staff