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About Us

Since our inception in 2002, Real Digital Media has grown with the digital signage industry, and by doing so, has claimed a thought leadership position for its future. Our solution is not an offshoot of content authoring tools or software distribution platforms wedged to fit the demands of digital signage. It is pure digital signage, beginning with its design from a blank sheet of paper. From the beginning we believed the right architecture for a scalable digital signage solution would include low cost, purpose-built appliances, not off the shelf PCs. From there, we knew the next element had to be web-based, intuitive and fully functional software for managing content and networks.

The results from that blank sheet of paper have evolved into today’s NEOCAST® Digital Signage Platform: a solution widely regarded as elegantly simple, fully functional, scalable and cost-effective.

Flowery words? Not to our customers and the many industry experts who have seen and used our solution. By focusing our efforts on the core functions of an excellent digital signage network (content management, content distribution, player and network management, and administrative tools), we have created a robust and extensible platform. Many of our unique and industry first functions, such as SpotSwap®, On-Demand and Smart Groups were driven by customers, for customers. Each worked with us to design, test and continuously enhance the solution. That is one of the reasons people view us a partner, not a vendor. And there is more coming: much more, driven by real network owners, real demands and real needs. All designed and supported by real engineers.

So contact us about your network. If you are getting ready to launch, or ready for a switch to something better, we look forward to showing you why people who do their homework choose NEOCAST®.

It’s more than a media player. It’s more than management software. It’s a team of people dedicated to partnering with you to make your network successful. It’s NEOCAST® from Real Digital Media. An advanced enterprise digital signage platform based upon the principles of excellence and value, and we want you to experience and share in our enthusiasm.

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