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Hospitality Digital Signage

Enhance Communications and Improve Customer Service

Improve Your Customer Experience

Create an Immersive Digital Environment within your Restaurant, Hotel, Casino, Museum, Stadium or Theater.

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Hospitality Digital Signage Solutions

Helping your customers, visitors, patrons and tourists acquire timely information that informs and positively impacts their stay or vacation experience is a tremendous value offered by digital signage systems to Hotel, Casino, Restaurant and Resort visitors. Real Digital Media’s NEOCAST® provides end-to-end functionality for in-room, restaurant or other venue screens to display digital menu boards or branded advertising for specials, local amenities or other tourist destinations and activities. In addition, hospitality venues can use the NEOCAST® platform for interactive applications, displaying flight information and meeting room schedules while using sidebar and ticker functionality to advertise special promotions on the screen.

  • Deliver timely information to patrons
  • Offer promotions
  • Provide wayfinding and communications
  • Engage customers at the the point of decision
  • Drive digital menu boards