Heighten the guest experience.

Customer engagement solutions for restaurants, hotels, casinos, museums, stadiums and theaters.

Create an immersive digital environment to elevate the ambient surroundings and augment your guest experience.

Digital Signage

Helping your guests acquire timely information that informs and positively impacts their stay or vacation experience is a tremendous value offered by digital signage systems to Hotel, Casino, Restaurant and other entertainment venues.

Whether for a business trip or a family outing, integrating digital signs with mobile and sensor technology allows your venues to gain insights on your guests and guide them to other attractions, events and amenities on location or in the surrounding areas. Together you can create a memorable stay, establish loyalty and make your guests want to return for another adventure.

Hero Freestanding Kiosk

Make a statement with a large format, freestanding display designed to establish a physical presence and deliver bold digital experiences to your guests and patrons.

Available in single or double sided, as well as touch or non-touch, our Hero freestanding kiosk combines a commercial-grade display housed within a slim form factor stand. The solution can help marketers in Hotel, Casino, Restaurant and other entertainment venues deliver bold statements and deliver key messages to visitors in high traffic or open areas such as lobbies, entryways and transportation hubs. The kiosk is equipped with an enterprise digital signage platform to support content scheduling and device management.

Use Cases

  • Heighten Property Marketing
  • Promote Special Events
  • Showcase Dining and Entertainment options
  • Highlight Guest Services
  • Enhance the Visitor Experience
  • Provide Wayfinding
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