NEOCAST® Digital Signage Software

NEOCAST® is a streamlined digital signage platform that combines a cloud-based management software with an embedded, optimized device for maximizing your network efficiencies. Our straightforward approach allows network operators, administrators and marketers to easily manage thousands of devices and the distribution of targeted campaigns.

Digital Signage Network Management

Network Management

Proactively monitor the health of your network and feel secure your network is performing optimally.

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Presentation Distribution

Quickly and easily design and sequence complex layouts comprised of independently programmable zones. Continue zones from layout to layout for seamless transitions, as well as synchronize them to create fully integrated content experiences.

Digital Signage Campaign Distribution

Content Management

Upload, organize and access all of your available assets.


Employ role-based authorization and permission profiles to ensure you network is secure and that your operators are accessing the right areas of the software to perform their job.

Digital Signage Administration

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