Real Digital Media Introduces SpotSwap™ Technology

New software feature allows digital signage operators to rapidly sort and insert local media content across networks through automated process

Sarasota, FL - May 17, 2005

Real Digital Media (RDM), a leading provider of next generation digital signage products for establishing point-of-purchase marketing, promotions and corporate communication networks, today introduced SpotSwap™, a patent-pending technology for rapidly sorting and inserting local media content for playout across global or national digital signage networks. SpotSwap? is the latest feature released for Real Digital Media’s NEOCAST® Media Server software, and is designed to automate the placement and insertion of local media content within global playlists.

SpotSwap™ allows digital signage network operators to generate a single, master playlist with placeholders for the insertion of local media content. Network operators simply upload their local media content and execute the SpotSwap™ process, which ensures the proper local media content is assigned for playout at each designated location in the network.

“This is a first of its kind feature in digital signage, and solves a significant and common challenge faced by large digital signage network operators,” said Mike Baron, Real Digital Media’s President. “Networks that span hundreds or thousands of locations, and have local content demands, need a streamlined method to insert local media content without having to build separate playlists for each location. SpotSwap™ is that innovation.”

Real Digital Media envisions the feature becoming essential to the management and delivery of content across digital signage networks. SpotSwap™ uses may include anemployee of the month spot rotation, manager special or local product promotion, as well as the insertion of local advertisements from neighboring vendors. Only NEOCAST® from Real Digital Media offers the digital signage marketplace the dynamic capabilities of SpotSwap™ to efficiently manage local content insertion.

“Local media insertion is a required function to support the demands and expectations of our clients, advertisers and the digital signage industry in general,” said Jason Broom, Real Digital Media?s VP of Marketing. “For large scale networks, the SpotSwap™ technology completes an impossibly large task in just a few seconds. One playlist for many locations. It’s that simple.”

SpotSwap™ is with the latest feature released in Real Digital Media’s NEOCAST® Media Server, the market leading digital signage software that centrally manages NEOCAST Media Players as well as the distribution of content and campaigns across digital signage networks powered by Real Digital Media.

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