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Digital Menu Boards

Restaurant owners operating quick-service (QSR) and fast casual environments are increasingly turning to digital menu boards (DMBs) to replace their traditional static signage in an effort to establish a more streamlined method to communicate menu price, items, and limited time offers to their customers.

Cloud-Based Management

Based on our NEOCAST® digital signage platform, our digital menu board solution is easy to use, scalable, and integrates with any number of point of sale systems to get your digital menu boards up and running quickly. Our solution allows restaurant owners to manage entire chains or a single location from a central, web-based interface, with each player in the network capable of receiving unique menu item and pricing.

  • Offer compliance with emerging regulations
  • Reduce cycle time for menu changes
  • Integrate with central and local POS systems
  • Decreased costs to change and test menus and adapt quickly
Digital Menu Boards

Minimal Hardware Requirements

Our multi-channel player options allow you to reduce total cost of ownership while maximizing your ability to introduce cost effective recovery strategies to ensure your menus are current and delivering timely information to your customers when they are ready to place an order.

Point of Sale Integration

NEOCAST® supports integration via CSV, XML and JSON formats to drive dynamic data to your displays.

POS Integration
Drag and Drop Scheduling

Schedule by Day Part

Quickly and easily schedule your digital menu boards for playout duration, day part or define your own time range (e.g, breakfast, lunch or dinner).

Targeted Precision

Distribute digital menu boards globally or locally, and provide limited access to individual locations to customize menu construction.

Targeted Distribution