Translucent Digital Display

Showcases HD, Full-Motion Video Embedded within Freezer or Cooler Doors

Influence Shopper Decisions

The ultimate point of purchase digital signage solution for brands, grocery and convenience store locations

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Freezer and Cooler Digital Signage Solutions

Designed for Grocery and Convenience Stores, the PRIMASEETM translucent display solution offers a compelling and differentiated way to connect with shoppers directly at the point of purchase. Powered by our NEOCAST® digital signage platform, this solution allows retailers and brands to feature relevant and targeted messages directly on translucent LCD panels embedded in refrigeration glass doors.

PRIMASEETM  can be used in Cooler, Freezer and Stand-Alone glass door applications and is available in various transparent screen sizes and finishes. Full-motion HD graphics and animations can be easily created, organized and modified using the NEOCAST® digital signage platform.

PrimaSee™ is a transluscent digital display that showcases high-definition, full-motion video embedded within a freezer or cooler door’s glass panel or glass fixture. Motivate your shoppers using our sharp, crystal clear displays for effective interactive promotions.


Select from Various Sizes

Screen sizes available from 32”, 47”, 49”,  55” and custom sizes available upon request.

Retrofit Into Existing Coolers or Spaces

Select from fully functional turn-key freezers or coolers, or decide to retrofit your current doors. Stand alone, counter top, small single door, large single door, double door and end cap options available.

Highlight Your Brand and Increase Visibility of Product

Select either translucent (semi-transparent) or standard LED display technology. The former allows shoppers to see your product through the door while content is playing. The latter highlights branded content at the point of purchase designed to drive traffic to the door.

Collect Audience Metrics and Analytics

Get smart. Securely gather information on how shoppers interact with device. Use those insights to create relevant content and optimize experiences.

Enhance Shopper Engagement

Employ gestural interactive and touch screen options to enable instant shopper feedback, generate real-time analytics and deliver actionable data on shopper engagement.

Promote 360° Customer Insights

Link online interests to in-store behavior and deliver personalized digital experiences.

Influence shopper decisions with the ultimate solution for proximity-based promotions.

Drive Impressions and Sales

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