I recently had the privilege of presenting at the 2013 DailyDOOH Investor Conference in New York, an integral part of Dpb Media Week, which is developing into the Digital Signage Olympics, if it hasn’t already. Others have done a good job of reviewing and recapping, so I will simply add that I found it motivating, invigorating and very much worthwhile. My presentation at the Investor Conference was entitled “Kool Aid: The Sports Drink of Roadkill”. In it, I try to make the case that evolving and adapting business models will differentiate winners from losers in our space.  (Note: Kool-Aid with a hyphen is an excellent, iconic product with a long history of smiling children. The unhyphenated term Kool Aid is used herein in the metaphorical sense, as explained in the presentation.) The presentation runs almost 30 minutes, so thanks in advance if you choose to invest your time, and I hope that you find it worthwhile!