I am guessing that many DSE attendees will be up early to listen to Shelley Palmer’s keynote at 7:30 AM. C’mon you east coast people, it’s 10:30 in your brain, you can do it! So maybe 9:00 AM on Wednesday morning is not the beastly time slot for a conference session that I thought it was. That is when I’ll be moderating a panel on Driving Industry Growth Through Standards. I’ll be passing the mike to three digital signage rock stars who will talk about what the industry organizations they represent are doing to develop and promote standards:

Bill Gerba, CEO of Wirespring, is the Chair of the POPAI Standards Committee. Bill is a tireless advocate of standards and readers of his popular blog know that he’ll be both informative and entertaining.

Mike Nickerson, VP of Advertising for AMI Entertainment Network, is the Chair of DPAA’s Media Operations Committee. He’ll keep you up to date on what DPPA has published and what is in the works.

Dirk Huelsermann, European Manager of DOOH SOlutions for VUKUNET, is also Founder and President of OVAB Europe, who have also been actively working on standards.

Most experts and industry watchers agree that the development of standards is a necessary gateway to sustainable growth and acceptance of digital signage as a whole.  Lots of work has been done, and lots more needs to be done. Most of all, the discussion needs to get some daylight, and this session is an attempt to shed some of that light. Each of the organizations, and DSF’s Standards Committee which I Chair, has done work on different elements of the industry. There will be lots of food for thought and discussion. So come listen to Shelley Palmer describe how the opportunity for DOOH growth is upon us, then have a second cup of coffee and join us for some tactical ways to make it happen faster. Bill promises to do the Macarena if we get more than 75 people. That alone may set a new standard. I may have to buy a FlipCam.