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STRATACACHE Acquires Real Digital Media

Our team here at Real Digital Media is excited to enter the next phase of our development as part of the STRATACACHE family of companies. You, our customers, have every reason to be excited as well. As part of STRATACACHE, we will be able to offer you a broader scope of services from procurement to deployment, network operations to content management, and global presence to financing. It will all revolve around NEOCAST®, the digital signage platform you know and trust.

We appreciate that trust and your support, and we’ll have the resources to continuously advance NEOCAST®  as your needs and technology evolve.  STRATACACHE is committed to expanding the capabilities, scale and offerings of Real Digital Media. Our commitment is to enabling your success. We look forward to what is next!

Ken Goldberg, CEO Real Digital Media

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the merged entity?2017-01-08T23:07:16-05:00

Real Digital Media will continue to exist as a STRATACACHE company. Our platform will continue to be marketed as NEOCAST®.

Will NEOCAST® continue to be developed and supported?2017-01-08T23:07:35-05:00

Yes. Continued investment, development and support of NEOCAST® will continue. In fact, the operational scale and cost advantages offered by STRATACACHE will allow us to expedite and expand the development of new features and functions within NEOCAST® for our customers and prospects.

How will Real Digital Media customers and prospects benefit from the merger?2017-01-08T23:00:39-05:00

As a customer or prospect, you will now have the option of 24 hour support and monitoring, as well as enhanced procurement and logistics capabilities. These enhanced capabilities will allow Real Digital Media to put more focus on delivering world class software to positively impact your digital signage needs. You will also be able to avail yourself of STRATACACHE’s scale and buying power when sourcing hardware, and in many cases, financing options. Contact your sales representative for further details.

How will the merged companies work together to support customers?2017-01-08T23:08:03-05:00

Real Digital Media will continue to develop and support our NEOCAST® digital signage platform, but now will benefit from STRATACACHE’s enhanced procurement and logistics capabilities as well as support. All logistical functions will move to Dayton, OH. NEOCAST® support functions will exist in both Sarasota and Dayton. Real Digital Media will continue to market and sell NEOCAST® independently of other software offerings from the STRATACACHE family.

Will operations be merged between the two companies?2017-01-08T23:08:22-05:00

Real Digital Media support and logistics will be merged to take advantage of STRATACACHE’s world class facilities and economies of scale. However, sales, product development, marketing and management will remain focused on NEOCAST® and supporting our customers.

Who will customers call for support?2017-01-08T23:08:38-05:00

You will call the same support line that you have always called at Real Digital Media. Over time, you may encounter some new people as we train additional resources both in Sarasota, FL and Dayton, OH. Procedures will be in place to route escalated calls to the Sarasota-based team at Real Digital Media to ensure you continue to receive prompt support.

Will point of contacts change?2017-01-08T23:04:34-05:00

Not at this time. If changes do occur, you will be promptly notified.

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