NFC Integration with NEOCAST®

NEOCAST® now supports MediaTagz from iZipline, a system that enables instant, dynamic interaction between NFC-tagged digital signage content and consumer mobile devices.This integration allows digital signage network operators to extend calls to action on a display to a marketing event on a mobile device. Imagine watching a video on a display in a retail environment, restaurant or any other numerous venues. As the video plays, a call to action appears to tap a nearby panel to access more information or content about the offering. By placing an NFC-enabled mobile device near the “tap point” as the video plays, relevant content is driven instantly to that device. As a new video for a different offering appears, tapping the tag again delivers a new offering.

So, as content changes on NEOCAST® media players, the MediaTagz system changes the content delivered to a consumer’s mobile device.

The content delivered can be as simple as a coupon, as sophisticated as a social opt-in to earn a discount, or an offer to download an app or game. The MediaTagz system also generates robust analytics to track consumer engagement and measure the effectiveness of real-world ad campaigns.

iZipline’s MediaTagz delivers a quick, seamless mechanism to inform, engage and activate your mobile consumers through NEOCAST®.

  • Integrates with the NEOCAST® Media Server
  • Allows network operators to assign media assets to Near Field Communication tags
  • Extends campaign reach to mobile users
  • Enables consumers to perform transactions or take actionable content with them beyond the network venue
  • Helps marketers establish message persistence across screens
  • Offers a powerful means to analyze and track consumer engagement and measure campaign effectiveness

Near Field Communication

How It Works

Just tap a nearby tag with an NFC-enabled phone to engage the on-screen call to action

Drive consumers to learn more about a product, download a coupon or application, conduct a purchase, or sign up for a loyalty program

No limits. As the on-screen content changes, so does the mobile destination. One NFC tag can drive multiple digital signage to mobile interactive experiences