Dog Whistles and Digital Signage

In the world of technology, while the pace of innovation always accelerates, true disruption simply does not come along every day. What does come along nearly every day are overblown press releases, planted advertorials disguised as editorials, fake testimonials and social media hype proclaiming the next BIG THING.

Cheap Is As Cheap Does: The TCO Story

Generally speaking, Android and the bevy of Android players it spawned not as exciting, or as stable and future ready as some would have you believe.

I’ve Seen All Good People (Get Duped)

Note: As Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation, I was torn when the news of dramatic change at the Digital Screenmedia Association was announced last week. I wrote thousands of words criticizing DSA back in 2010, but have been quieter about it since joining the DSF Board when it was formed. Would it seem self-serving to write about this? Widespread reaction to DSA’s changes was that…

Consulting Without a Parachute

Being smart about how you choose a consultant is as important as checking your parachute before jumping from a plane. It increases the odds that you’ll be around to talk about the adventure later.

Digital Signage Predictions for 2015

As both of my loyal readers will recall, I like to make annual digital signage predictions long before filler content from others clutter the December Twitter streams and blog rolls. Because this blog does not accept sponsors, I am unable to enlist the help of Nate Silver to validate any of the predictions. For what it is worth, I did conduct a couple of Monte Carlo simulations, a bit of…

Hammer Time For NFC: Too Legit To Quit

For years, Near Field Communication (NFC) has been the domain of Android-based smartphones. Widely used in Europe and Asia, NFC had never truly broken through in North America, and particularly the US. Now with Apple’s announcement of the inclusion of NFC in both the iPhone 6 and the AppleWatch, NFC will suddenly be “discovered” by the legion of Apple loyalists, rendering it legitimate and…

Integrators Can Help Reduce Operational Costs

Note: This post originally appeared as an online article at Commercial Integrator on July 30, 2014. It was written to address on of the roundtable topics scheduled for DSEOne, “Reducing Total Cost of Operations”.

An important precursor to a discussion of reducing the total cost of operations in a digital signage network is a semantic resolution of what we are discussing. The cost of…

Paradise Lost

It seems that while Americans were barbecuing their way through Memorial Day and Independence Day, RMG was basting in the juices of its own failed non-strategy.

RMG: The Old Double Whammy

…the stock has been thinly traded, averaging less than 11,000 shares in daily volume. That, combined with the steady decline in the stock price since its IPO last year has created a real challenge for the RMG executive team. Their strategy and stated intention was to make several more acquisitions. Ideally, those acquisitions could be done with shares trading at a healthy price, preserving precious cash for other priorities. But the low volume and weak price were a double whammy.

Getting The Horse in Front of the Cart

Once in a while we receive a blast from the past, a contact from a prospect that had gone dark for a long period of time, sometimes years. When a name rings a bell, a quick email search often turns up past correspondence and provides a great backdrop to renewed discussions. This happened recently and one of the aging emails had a spreadsheet attached with quotes for everything that would b…

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