Transworld Media Begins Rollout of Digital Signage Network for Convenience Stores Using NEOCAST® from Real Digital Media

Company establishing nationwide convenience store digital signage network across the U.S.

Colleyville, TX - February 27, 2008

Transworld Media, a digital advertising company, today announced it has selected Real Digital Media’s (RDM) NEOCAST® digital signage solution to manage point-of-purchase programming and advertising for their nationwide convenience store network. Rollout for the Transworld Media network is currently underway, with over 1,200 stores contracted to implement the network by the end of 2008. Initially-targeted metropolitan areas include Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago, with 100 locations already installed in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

“The Transworld convenience store digital signage network will provide advertisers with a focused medium to deliver targeted messaging to consumers in high volume, high walk-in, and densely populated locations,” said Transworld CEO Shams Merchant. “Our corporate commitment is to deploy our network in tightly grouped geographies, allowing advertisers to buy time in integrated, high value locations that saturate the target markets.”

Transworld Media programming includes fifteen second, thirty second and one minute content slots for advertisement, informational and educational purposes. Advertising spots will be managed by leading media agencies and aggregators, including SeeSaw Networks, with programming updated monthly and expected to reach nearly 430 million consumers on an annual basis.

Rocky Gunderson, VP of Marketing and Network Development for Seesaw Networks, adds, “Digital signage networks are continuing to grow and expand throughout the US, and advertisers are finding that this media is a very effective way to reach people in their daily life patterns. Transworld Media’s network focus on convenience stores is well planned and in high demand, and will be a primary component in many of our digital media campaign proposals.”

NEOCAST®, Real Digital Media’s digital signage platform, provides an optimum solution for businesses or network owners requiring economical, reliable and scalable digital signage based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. This architecture eliminates IT infrastructure investments, reduces deployment costs and maintenance overhead, and ensures networks are always operating using the latest technology and feature benefits.

Shams Merchant states, “When building a digital signage network, it is critical to find the right partner that can scale and meet the demands of your network. With NEOCAST®, we found a scalable and cost-effective solution that offers both the precision and flexibility to reach our target audience, plus a partner in Real Digital Media that has a proven track record of success.”

The Transworld convenience store network represents another growing network in Real Digital Media’s retail vertical.

“Transworld Media represents the next evolution in the entrepreneur-driven digital signage network,” said Ken Goldberg, CEO of Real Digital Media. “Lessons have been learned and the industry’s infrastructure has matured to assist network owners with the heavy lifting associated with content, programming and ad sales. Transworld Media’s experienced management and sound approach positions them for great success in this competitive marketplace.”

About Transworld Media Inc.

Transworld Media, Inc. is a well established digital advertising company providing state of the art solutions to advertisers through its Digital Signage Network (DSN). We have invested heavily into the RDS (Retail Digital Signage) industry and have partnered with the best hardware and software companies globally to insure superior performance and flexibility to our clients. Our digital platform offers the availability of an Ad space on digital screens in over 1200 high volume, high walk-in traffic Convenience store locations within the top 10 US DMA (designated market area).

About Real Digital Media

Real Digital Media (RDM) provides next generation digital signage products for establishing point-of-purchase marketing, advertising and corporate communication networks.

Our family of NEOCAST® digital signage products store, deliver and play content in a wide range of digital formats on a variety of display devices. With NEOCAST® players and software, your customized content and programming can scale across entire narrowcast networks down to individual displays, providing ultimate flexibility in reaching customers with your targeted messaging at the right place, at the right time. For more information, please visit us at


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